A Harsh Reality: If Your Technicians Aren’t Allowed to Process Credit & Debit Cards, You’re Giving Your Customers Headaches!

Today, every household bill or banking service can be handled online. People enjoy the convenience of taking care of their personal and business finances in the comfort of their home or office with a simple mouse click. Online banking and bill paying has become so convenient that people can now have all of their bills paid automatically using paycheck money that is also automatically deposited into a checking account.

It is conceivable that a person might never have to do any banking or bill paying at all – except when to withdraw or deposit cash via a 24-hour ATM. So what does that have to do with your business? Everything and more. Please, let me explain…

When you perform a service for a commercial or residential account, are you collecting money at the time of service or are you sending a bill and waiting (and hoping for a check)? How often have you had to chase down receivables from people? (I’m guessing pretty often.) And when you call people asking them to pay, almost always they say: “Oh, I’m so sorry! I just forgot about it. I’ll send you a check today.”

Here’s where I’m going with all of this: You should absolutely be collecting payment immediately after delivering service. (After all, you pay for every product and service immediately.) And your technicians should be able to accept credit cards and process the payments onsite. If you’re not doing this, you’re behind times and causing a hassle for your customers.

You’re dealing with customers who value convenience. They value their time. They don’t want to have to write a check or enter another account into their online banking. They’d much rather swipe a credit or debit card immediately and let your technicians be on their way!

And you benefit from this as well! No more chasing down receivables! No more headaches! Trust me, it’s worth the small percentage you have to pay the credit card companies to enjoy that convenience.

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    Yes, credit cards are entirely too common to be passed up in a business. Nearly everyone carries them and uses them on a daily basis. The businesses that don’t use them will likely be left behind to some degree or another.

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    I didn’t really think about this. I guess it would make it more convenient to have them pay right then and there. A lot of businesses and companies are coming out with those card readers. That would be perfect for an electrician especially to make sure that the person pays right away.

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