Conquering Your Inbox

Do you know that Microsoft gazillionaire Bill Gates receives four million e-mails a day?  Not a year – a day.  Try answering all of them.  It would take a lifetime to answer the e-mails he gets in one day.  (I wonder how many are SPAM.) You probably get a few too many, too.  There are […]

Change the Rules

There is an overused cliché that goes something like this, “If you don’t like the game, change the rules.” If you think about it, that’s a pretty powerful message – especially if you apply it to your business. Starbucks did it with their coffee. It isn’t necessarily extraordinary coffee nor is it the most economical […]

Advertising Strategies When You Have ZERO Money!

I was talking with an ESI client not long ago.  He was a really small, new company.  He was only doing a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue.  He desperately wanted to advertise to grow his business, but he simply didn’t have the cash flow.  He felt like he couldn’t sink 15% of his projected […]