Beware the Smooth Talking Advertising “Account Executive” (Salesperson) Promising BIG Results!

It’s an old expression you probably heard as a kid.  It was likely your mom or dad saying it to you.  They’d say, “You should always look before you leap.”  We all know what they meant by that.  Before making any type of decisive action, you better have a good idea what the final result will be.  In other words, you better know what you’re getting yourself into…

Let’s be honest with each other:  If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.  That absolutely pertains to the business world today.  Business owners, such as yourself, are always looking to find more ways to market their products and services, and often, they fall victim to seemingly helpful and useful third-party facilitators, whose sole purpose is to protect their own interests—and not their clients.  Not you.

As a business owner, you rely on your experiences and training to find the best possible way to market and promote your business.  But let’s be honest: You probably don’t have an MBA in marketing.  You didn’t work at an ad agency.  So, when you get approached by an “account executive” (Read: salesperson) promising these amazing results, it’s hard not to get excited.  After all, he’s talking about your business.  This smooth talker is vowing you’ll get so many leads, you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Sure, all of that smooth talk sounds great—until you sign that massive contract for a huge ad spend and you don’t get any results.  It’s a contractor’s nightmare.  Here’s the truth about marketing: Whether you’re investing in a huge newspaper campaign, producing a dozen radio spots, or running TV ads, they must all be done WELL to generate results.  Yes, you can’t simply slap your name on any of those mediums and expect people to call.

So, my advice to you: If you’re really looking to expand your company’s presence.  If you want to spend some ad dollars, do so intelligently.  Plan on spending 15% of your projected revenues—no more.  And hire advertising professionals—preferably ones with experience with contractors.  At SGI, we’ve partnered with several agencies who help our members; plus, we have our own marketing folks on staff.  When you have someone looking out for you, they’re not just trying to sell you some ad space or time; they’re going to promise and get results.

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