Calendar, Calendar On the Wall

Everyone seems to like those big wall calendars.  You know the ones with the large squares where you can write down all kinds of information about each day of the week.  They are especially useful for families with kids that are going each and every way, and for businesses trying to keep track of deadlines and meetings.  Often, they become the focal point of every home or business.

So, the next time you plan to give out calendars to employees or customers (you do that don’t you?), buy as many large wall calendars as you need and do the following:

  • Hand-write important dates on the calendar (in ink) that you want all employees and customers to remember, i.e. a social function or deadline to turn in a project.
  • Roll the calendar up in a tube and hand-deliver it to each person on your list.
  • Wait for the compliments to come in.

Before you know it, your business will be the focal point of your customers’ homes and your clients will have a reminder of all that is going on in your business.  Plus, it’s a great way to remind everyone on your team of birthdays and other events.

In short, your company will be memorable all year long!

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