Testimonials From Members

Our members tell a more powerful story than we could ever tell you. Here are some of them explaining why they joined. When you’re ready to dig a little deeper, the next step is to attend a Profit Day.

Trent-Urban-the-wire-nut“I joined ESI and started a residential service division in 2005. Several years later it generated $1 Million in sales. Around that time, the economy tanked and my industrial work vanished. But it didn’t matter—the service business exploded. We’ve since become one of the largest electrical contractors in Colorado with multiple locations. Revenues are huge, as are the bottom-line profits. Even better, our company has won the BBB ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ award multiple times and INC Magazine has recognized it as one of the fastest growing companies in the US.”

Trent Urban, Denver, CO

Noble-Yelverton-call_dixie_electric_plumbing_heating_and_air“Our business was founded over 100 years ago, and it had long been known for its commercial construction and service work. Yet we knew our residential service division needed help. It made money, but it could improve. So, we joined ESI hoping to find some nuggets of information. The decision would change our entire company for the better. Many of the tools and strategies offered have helped us improve both our commercial service and construction divisions, and our service department now routinely grow 15% every year—at a very good profit margin!”

Noble Yelverton, Montgomery, AL

Boys-Electric-Kent-Bohl“When the housing bubble burst, I couldn’t find work, and I was bidding on jobs I knew I shouldn’t be. Looking for some direction, I joined ESI, and it gave me a new focus.
Today, my company has taken off! In each of the last three years, it’s grown 67%, 82%, and 105%. And it’s grown while remaining very profitable. I’ve managed to enjoy this type of success while also delivering exceptional service: Our company won the Better Business Bureau ‘Integrity Award’ for Minnesota and North Dakota, and it was a finalist for the Minnesota Business Ethics Award.”

Kent Bohl, Waconia, MN

Kerry-Adkins-Adkins“My company was successful, but 80% of my business was with one contractor. Another 15% of the business was tied up in other big contracts. I feared what would happen if they all cut our company loose. I joined ESI hoping to find guidance—and I did. Our revenues have more than quadrupled and our profits have more than doubled! Even better, I sleeps better than ever! And I’m not locked to the business. My wife and I take more than 5 weeks of vacation every year. The company keeps chugging along with or without me.”

Kerry Adkins, Birmingham, AL

Brian-and-Alan-Hickerson-Hickerson_bros“By 2005, we noticed a trend—we were losing contracts with contractors we’d worked with for over a decade over a $500. We looked for a way to protect ourselves from an impending recession, and we decided to join ESI. It changed our business forever. We’ve grown our sales more than 50%, and instead of barely scraping by, we’re making a considerable profit! It’s allowed us to pay off HUGE debts and buy a new office!”

Brian & Alan Hickerson, Nokesville, VA

Gus-Antos-Milestone“About 10 years ago, I questioned the long-term future. Then, I joined ESI. It launched a new beginning for my company. I’ve transformed my business, drastically enhancing our success. In 2004, our company was doing just $500K in sales. Today, we’re doing more than $30M! It’s been a blessing.

Gus Antos, Dallas, TX

Brian-Peyton-Home-Pro-Electric“I loved the nuances of large project work, and it almost sunk me. I was working with multi-billion-dollar businesses—but they had unreasonable expectations and deadlines. One job in particular was supposed to take only two and a half years. Instead, it would take five. It put me into massive debt. I knew I needed some advice and joined ESI, and it changed my outlook on business. Today, my business is growing and making money. During the recent recession, while most small businesses in his town were almost wiped out, I thrived!”

Brian Peyton, Kitchener, ON

John-Vannus-4-Star“We would work 14- and 15-hour days followed by restless nights, wondering, and worrying about a paycheck from a general contractor that’s months overdue. I had enough of it, and I joined ESI looking for more consistency. With their help, I started a service division, and it’s helped us taken off! What we’ve learned has helped us with our construction, too! We’re very profitable, and feel very fortunate. In fact, we just took our 15-member family on a 10-day trip that included a trip to Disney and a Caribbean cruise!”

John Vannus, Calgary, AB

John-McFarland-Nu-Tek-Electric“We’ve gone from a mountain of debt and worrying about the future of our business to having a successful business… It’s thanks to adopting the ESI business model. We’re on the right track and life is good. In time, we’re planning on retiring with a condo on a beach! Not long ago I would have never imagined being able to say that.”

John McFarland, New Tecumseth, ON

Andrew-Martella-Martella-Electric“We have a business that’s well established in our community, but we needed to do something about how we operated. We weren’t efficient, and we weren’t making enough money… It was causing long hours and frustration. So we joined ESI looking for help. It’s been an incredible decision. We’re more successful than ever. I’m excited again about my family business! They turned me from a technician into a businessman!”

Andrew Martella, Upper Darby, PA

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