Why Join Electricians’ Success International®?

All successful business owners want continuous improvement in revenues, profits, and influence in the market. Smart business owners are looking for improvements without sacrificing their enjoyment of life, family and health.

Joining Electricians’ Success International® (ESI) puts you in good company, among other electrical contractors who share your goals.

“our service department now routinely grow 15% every year—at a very good profit margin!”
– Noble Yelverton – Montgomery, AL

You’re a smart operator or you wouldn’t even be looking at this site. You’ve already achieved a level of operational success that has you searching for even better ways of doing business.

Operating by the seat of your pants and making decisions with your gut may have brought you to your current level. It will take smart systems and proven management practices to take you higher.

Benefits of Membership

Electricians’ Success International® offers the systems and training that will take you past your current limitations.

Access and Training on our exclusive set of tools that will provide you with immediate results and move you towards operational excellence. Your first in-depth training (we call it Executive Perspective) will expose you to all of these topics and more

  • Best Practices for Mastering Your Financial Numbers
  • Balancing Manpower Expenses
  • StraightForward Pricing®, the revolutionary pricing system that homeowners love for its understandable approach, technicians love for its ease of use, and business owners love for its immediate boost in profits.
  • Setting your Service Fees for increased revenue and profit
  • Club Memberships – how they grow your profits and why your customers love them
  • How to Hire and Train the best team, including technicians, customer care representatives and smart dispatching for higher profits
  • Marketing, Branding and Customer Care techniques that build and polish your reputation in your service area
  • Daily Habits, metrics and measurements that will transform you from a good manager to an inspired leader
  • Buying Power like you’ve never had before! BuyMax will bring you steep discounts, generous rebates, and special incentives on products you buy every day
  • Learning Alliance access for your technicians to turn them into efficient and profitable team members that your customers will love.
  • Mentorship and Coaching from people who have been in your shoes and worked their way to the top.
  • Access to a network of the most successful electrical contractors in the country and all of the support and idea-sharing opportunities that come with it
    • Expo – our premier twice-yearly networking and educational event
    • Online groups such as the ESI Forum
    • Profit Platoons

What Sets Electricians’ Success International® Apart?

We understand that there are more than a few options out there when it comes to contracting membership organizations, Contracting Buying Groups and other associations.

Our goal has always been to serve our members with exactly what they need to succeed. No more. No less.

More than Just Electrical

As a part of Success Group International, we have sister organizations in the Plumbing, HVAC and Roofing categories. If you operate in multiple fields, your single membership is all you need!

How to Join ESI

It all begins with Profit Day, a behind-the-scenes look at what the top contractors are doing to thrive despite an unstable economy.

““We’ve gone from a mountain of debt and worrying about the future of our business to having a successful business… It’s thanks to adopting the ESI business model.”
– John McFarland – New Tecumseth, ON

We spend an entire day exposing you to an overview of the revolutionary management, marketing, training, and buying concepts that have helped hundreds of contractors grow their companies, build personal wealth and do it in a way that actually gives you more free time to spend with your family and all your other interests.

What does it cost?

In addition to showing you all of the benefits of joining, you’ll also be shown our pricing structure. You’ll understand the price of membership as well as the “cost” of continuing without us.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours whether to move forward with a membership or go back to your office and return to business as usual.

See for yourself how to get your company moving forward using the best strategies in marketing, operations, management, and training. Register for Profit Day today!

Does Electricians’ Success International® Accept Small Electrical Contractors?

Many of our members joined when they weren’t much more than a one-man operation. Others had multi-million dollar operations when they signed up and have continued to grow. The key isn’t where you are now, but where you’re trying to go.

Go to a Profit Day near you and decide for yourself. Even if you decide not to join, the eye-opening information you’ll hear will change the way you look at your business. It’s a great opportunity, and you can always make your own choice when the day is done.