Electricians’ Success International® is a membership organization for residential electrical contractors.

Electricians’ Success International® (ESI) gives member businesses a competitive edge by providing proprietary tools & techniques, management expertise, marketing systems, training and buying clout with the shared goals of market dominance, freedom of time and financial independence.

ESI offers its members access to the foremost experts in North America’s leading residential electrical service companies along with Success Group International’s revolutionary business and marketing programs.

Members of ESI receive training in proprietary management processes and expertise as part of a total turnkey package. Members follow a step-by-step program. This time-tested program helps company owners achieve market dominance and financial independence.

Ownership of Electricians’ Success International®

“We’ve grown our sales more than 50%, and instead of barely scraping by, we’re making a considerable profit! It’s allowed us to pay off HUGE debts and buy a new office!”

– Brian & Alan Hickerson, Nokesville, VA

Aquila Investment Group completed the purchase of Success Group International (SGI) from Direct Energy in early 2014.  Longtime Direct Energy/Clockwork Home Services employee Rebecca Cassel, along with her husband and SGI member Lon Cassel founded Aquila Investment Group in early 2014 along with several other SGI-member and employee investors. With the Aquila Investment Group’s purchase, SGI becomes the largest member-owned ‘best practices’ organization in the contracting industry today.

Clockwork Home Services (formerly VenVest, Inc.) was the original parent company to Electricians’ Success International® and SGI.  Clockwork’s co-founders are Jim Abrams and John Young. In 1981, Jim Abrams started Air Experts, Inc., an HVAC service and replacement business in St. Louis, which quickly became one of the largest, most profitable, and fastest-growing residential service HVAC companies in North America. Prior to starting Clockworks, Abrams and Young together built the first publicly traded heating and air conditioning company – Service Experts, which today is owned by Lennox.

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Your questions will be sent to at least three people, on of which is co-owner, Rebecca Cassel, Rebecca Cassel will make sure your questions are answered within one business day. If you’d prefer to call us, we’re reachable at (866) 362-3455.