Conquering Your Inbox

Do you know that Microsoft gazillionaire Bill Gates receives four million e-mails a day?  Not a year – a day.  Try answering all of them.  It would take a lifetime to answer the e-mails he gets in one day.  (I wonder how many are SPAM.) You probably get a few too many, too.  There are […]

Change the Rules

There is an overused cliché that goes something like this, “If you don’t like the game, change the rules.” If you think about it, that’s a pretty powerful message – especially if you apply it to your business. Starbucks did it with their coffee. It isn’t necessarily extraordinary coffee nor is it the most economical […]

Calendar, Calendar On the Wall

Everyone seems to like those big wall calendars.  You know the ones with the large squares where you can write down all kinds of information about each day of the week.  They are especially useful for families with kids that are going each and every way, and for businesses trying to keep track of deadlines […]

Business Vitamins

Everybody knows about One-A-Day vitamins. These vitamins have been around for decades and have been trusted by generations of consumers.  What do these vitamins have to do with your business? The “one-a-day” concept can also be applied to an idea program involving your employees.  If you don’t have a suggestion program in place involving employees, […]

SEO – Should You Do it Yourself or Hire it Out?

One of the most important business tools today can be summed up in three words: search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is becoming the real buzzword for businesses wishing to grow via their Web presence. Web search engines on Google can make or break a business. Why? It’s simple. People use search engines to find […]

Advertising Strategies When You Have ZERO Money!

I was talking with an ESI client not long ago.  He was a really small, new company.  He was only doing a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue.  He desperately wanted to advertise to grow his business, but he simply didn’t have the cash flow.  He felt like he couldn’t sink 15% of his projected […]