What Do I Do When I Don’t Have Enough Calls?!?” Here’s the Answer You’ve Always Been Looking For!

“I don’t have enough calls!”  “I don’t have enough calls!”  “What do I do?!?!  I don’t have enough calls!?!”  If this sounds like you, don’t worry.  You sound like most electrical contractors today.  Finding calls is a constant worry for people in our industry.  But it doesn’t have to be… Everyone is looking for a […]

The Best Way to Handle “Slow Months”: Stop Having Them!

Recently, I came across an electrical contractor in the southwest United States.  He said that in the super-hot summers his phones go dead. It’s so hot that no one wants to do anything—let alone have a contractor come to their home and have work done.  He said he simply tries to play it safe and […]

Taking Advice Versus Paying for Advice: Do Your Due Diligence Before Ever Hiring a Business Consultant!

Hire a consultant but ask them lots of questions first.

In a previous blog, “The Difference Between a Smart Contractor and a Wise Contractor,” I talked about the virtues of learning from the mistakes of others. There is a real benefit in talking with other businesspeople, networking, discovering what mistakes they’ve made, learning from those mistakes, and then never making them yourself. The smart contractor […]