An Important Lesson Learned from Dining at Fine Restaurants: This One Tip Can Differentiate You from Your Competition!

Be competitive. Change a light bulb.

I have to tell you… I’m a sucker for a nice restaurant. I enjoy everything about fine dining. There’s so much more to it than the exceptional food and drinks. There’s the atmosphere—the dim lighting, well designed and furnished restaurants, the perfect music. I also enjoy the professionalism of the dining staff. Dining a fancy […]

The Difference Between a Smart Contractor and a Wise Contractor: It Can Mean Millions of Dollars and Hours of Frustration Saved!

Time in an electricians' business is critical

Electricians are a bright group of individuals. They’re curious. They love the technical nuances of their trade, and most are always seeking out the latest developments in the industry. They’re the type that love “talking shop.” However, there’s one thing that most electricians either struggle with or prefer not to do at all… What’s that? […]